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    LifeSpec Lighting

    340 Cumberland Ave Unit C

    Pittsburg, CA 94565

    About Us

    LifeSpec Lighting is a LED retrofit consultation company specializing in commercial and residential spaces in Northern California. Many customers decide on LED retrofit to realize the immediate savings in billable Kilowatt hours on your monthly energy bill. The dramatic cost savings in most instances are immediate, and will result in a lighting setup that will draw less from the power grid while providing a brighter and longer lasting environment (our LED bulbs don't need to be changed for 5+ years!). It's not future technology anymore, LED efficiency can be achieved today.

    We utilize the newest LED technology in ambient and environmental lighting, as well as outdoor and building light displays. We consult customers on the best application and retrofit options and help determine the biggest energy gains while minimizing the upfront costs. Our our retrofit work are performed by independently owned, non-union electrician partners (licensed and bonded) to ensure that the entire process is as cost effective as possible for our clients.

    Lifespec Lighting is a local business member of the Old Town Pittsburg business association in Contra Costa County, California.

    Please contact LifeSpec at:
    340 Cumberland Ave Unit C
    Pittsburg, CA 94565

    Tel: 925 219 6050
    Fax: 925 439 3268