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Exterior and outdoor LED lighting

An understated and often overlooked property of LED lighting products is their durability, and many designers are tapping into this for exterior lighting projects.


In the past, glass was the preferred lens of a traditional light bulb and fluorescent tubes. The problem with this is that glass is delicate, and when it breaks you've got problems. Additionally, incandescent lighting uses thin filaments for illumination, and when the filament breaks well, there goes your light bulb. Due to these properties, many interior lighting options were unable to make their way outdoors and provide dynamic elemental lighting for exterior spaces.

Where LED light products differ is in construction. Because LED generates very concentrated and bright light, the lens used is more specialized and almost always made of specialized plastic, shatterproof and handles the elements well. In addition the durable lens, LED light internals are usually surrounded by a heat sink, which just happens to be made of aluminum. The specialized and optimized materials used in the construction of the bulbs is also why LED products are not meant to be throw away products, but something that you invest in for years of service.


Exterior and outdoor LED lighting products can be made with a waterproof coating for underwater applications and withstand extreme elements. LifeSpec has a line of waterproof lighting designs that is fully submersible for exterior use.

Enhanced Design Lighting:

LED lighting products can achieve a wide spectrum of colors to coordinate your exterior design. Large scale exterior ambient lighting can be seen on many prominent buildings in many metropolitan cities, and homeowners can now use the same technology in your own private applications. Wall washes, swimming pool lighting and even solar powered LED walkway lighting offer designers and individuals all the tools to turn your outdoors into a breathtaking scene.

Advanced Programming:

Dim it, time it, change the color, LED lighting products have the capability to perform many tasks that were unachievable with traditional lighting products. The ability to program many LED products brings an added dimension of design and function. It opens up possibilities and uses which turn ordinary outdoor environments into spectacular design canvases.

Browse our line of exterior LED lighting products and waterproof lights. If you have questions about a custom project, please contact us via the project inquiry box to the right.

For this type of retrofit,LifeSpec Suggests the following:

"OK FINE! I'll admit going LED makes sense, what's next?"

Lucky for you, you're at the right place!

There are two ways LifeSpec can help you go LED:

1.Browse our products and roll up your sleeves, remember to consult an electrician for non-plug and play products.

While retrofitting traditional lights to LED lighting is not necessarily difficult, it is our duty to discourage customers with no electrical experience from trying this at home. Please consult an electrician before ripping down any fixtures!

2.Contact us for a custom project analysis where we will help outfit your project and even throw in an electrician for the final retrofit!

Come on, ask us anything!

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