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Florescent Lighting Retrofit

What is it?

As more consumers begin contemplating the benefits of switching traditional lighting methods to LED lighting, florescent tube to LED retrofit projects have become one of the favorite projects for building owners. For owners of commercial, retail and office buildings, a constant thorn in their side is constantly having to change florescent light tubes that dim, fade, or die completely. Often lighting fixtures of 4 florescent tubes are left to burn down to one working light, leaving the occupant of the room wondering why it's so damn dark in there!

Many building owners are now turning to LED retrofit of their florescent tubes to reap the major benefits of the new technology.

Energy Savings:

Quality LED lighting products offers unbeatable lighting performance versus energy consumption. Where a traditional T6 or T8 florescent tube can range from 30-80W each, LifeSpec's 18W LED light tube achieve superior brightness with less draw from the grid.


LED lighting performance is measured by brightness and longevity. Where as florescent lights lasts 10 to 20 times longer than incandescent lighting products, LED lights enjoy a 3-5 time longer life than florescent. LifeSpec T6 / T8 replacement bulbs are rated for 50,000 hours, which means that if you ran them for 8 hours a day, every day, your LifeSpec LED light bulb would run for over 17 years.

In addition to longevity, another draw to LED products is the efficient output achieved. An 18W LED tube outputs 1600 Lumens, higher than all but the highest wattage florescent tubes on the market.

Environmental Benefits:

Where florescent tubes were revolutionary when they were introduced in the 30's, the principal of electronically charging gasses for luminescence left one large drawback that science has yet to figure out. How to eliminate hazardous gasses, namely mercury from the florescent bulb equation. Now only does broken florescent bulbs discharge a small amount of mercury into the environment, disposal of florescent bulbs must be handled carefully in order not to contaminate the environment.

LED lighting products are free from mercury because the principal illumination technique is different. Essentially an LED diode attached to a circuit board, when current runs through he board and powers the diode, it lights up. This advancement in lighting technology also means better integration into our high tech world, where we can program LED lights to perform functions far more advanced than traditional lighting products.

For this type of retrofit,LifeSpec Suggests the following:

"OK FINE! I'll admit going LED makes sense, what's next?"

Lucky for you, you're at the right place!

There are two ways LifeSpec can help you go LED:

1.Browse our products and roll up your sleeves, remember to consult an electrician for non-plug and play products.

While retrofitting traditional lights to LED lighting is not necessarily difficult, it is our duty to discourage customers with no electrical experience from trying this at home. Please consult an electrician before ripping down any fixtures!

2.Contact us for a custom project analysis where we will help outfit your project and even throw in an electrician for the final retrofit!

Come on, ask us anything!

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