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Residential LED Lighting

Residential owners that appreciate design and aesthetics are adapting LED lighting in their residential lighting applications not only for the energy savings, but also because of the design value.

Clarity and Brightness

LED lighting products are optimized for residential use because they are extremely bright and many of the lighting options are dimmable to create mood and ambiance. Compared to an incandescent light bulb, LED lighting products draw 90% less energy but still produce the same lumen output, keeping your environment light and bright.

Ambient Lighting

For many, the first introduction to ambient LED lighting was the wacky Plasma televisions with the LED lights that would change colors according to the content in the mid 2000's. While the TV's did not break sales records, it did bring to light what LED lighting can do for a living space.

One of the versatile aspects of LED lighting is that it can be used to achieve any spectrum desired, so with a little bit of creativity and artistic vision, homeowners can achieve some very stunning ambient lighting effects. The creativity is not only relegated to interiors, as many LED products are finished with waterproof protection for exterior and underwater use. Imagine lining your pool with some high powered LED lights triggered by motion sensors in the backyard for some summer evening fun. The possibilities for innovative lighting ideas are endless because one of the most important features of LED lighting products is that they can be programmed and controlled by remote or custom modules.

Downlight or Bulb?

LED lighting products produce very high powered, concentrated light, and many products are diffused by specialized lenses, focusing the light specifically to your lighting applications. While traditional bulbs are 360 degrees of directional lighting, much of the light is lost because it's not directed in the right direction. For example, in kitchen lighting applications, a 360 degree traditional light bulb is not the most optimal use. Instead a focused, centralized light beam would be the ideal approach to countertop spot lighting. This is where the specialized applications of LED light products shine (pun intended). An LED PAR downlight light is designed with special light focusing filter that reduce the 360 degree light angle down to a focused and optimized 45%, ensuring that your light beams are exactly where you want them to be!

Environmental Benefits

In addition to design and functionality, the environmental benefits of LED lighting products add another convincing argument to give LED strong considerations. The dramatic energy savings over traditional lighting products have been well documented, as well as the impressive lifespan of LED products(50,000hrs +). However, perhaps one of the most important environmental benefits of LED light products is the fact that they eliminate the mercury and other dangerous elements associated with fluorescent and compact fluorescent (CFL). Mercury is a very dangerous element that can cause mercury poisoning and is present in every fluorescent and CFL light bulb on the market. Because of this, all fluorescent lighting must be specially disposed of and is NOT recyclable. LED lighting products, on the other hand are made of aluminum (heat sink) and over 90% recyclable.

For specialized LED lighting products for your home, please browse our products section!

For this type of retrofit,LifeSpec Suggests the following:

"OK FINE! I'll admit going LED makes sense, what's next?"

Lucky for you, you're at the right place!

There are two ways LifeSpec can help you go LED:

1.Browse our products and roll up your sleeves, remember to consult an electrician for non-plug and play products.

While retrofitting traditional lights to LED lighting is not necessarily difficult, it is our duty to discourage customers with no electrical experience from trying this at home. Please consult an electrician before ripping down any fixtures!

2.Contact us for a custom project analysis where we will help outfit your project and even throw in an electrician for the final retrofit!

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