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Supermarket and Retail LED Retrofit

Supermarkets and retail stores are ideal environments to take advantage of LED technology and many have already made the switch. By transitioning to LED lighting, ownership and management maximize energy savings every second the lights are on, regardless of the weather (compared to solar energy options). In addition, LED light colors can be customized to provide optimal lighting conditions for different departments, displaying products under the absolute best presentation for your customers.

Retrofit Process:

If your supermarket and retail store is currently set up for fluorescent lighting, you are already halfway to transitioning to LEDs. LifeSpec Lighting can provide same day retrofit by our licensed and insured electrician and have you saving on energy costs the same day! Because of our internet based distribution foundation, we eliminate the need for local brick and mortar overhead for a more efficient distribution model, meaning lower product costs. Our network of independent electricians proficient in LED retrofit with LifeSpec Lighting products also means that the entire retrofit process will be hassle free. We ship you the lights you need, send our electricians out to you for the retrofit, and take back any lights not used in the project.

Instant Savings Realized:

Owners and managers that opt for LED retrofit can expect an instant 40-60% lighting cost savings instantly on fluorescent lighting bulbs, and up to 90% on incandescent bulbs. That is measurable, tangible savings every second that you're open for business.

In addition to the hourly KWH savings, a secondary benefit that owners enjoy is the costs saved from extended life of LED lighting products. No longer do you have to constantly replace burnt bulbs because LifeSpec LED lighting products are rated for 50,000 hours.

Optimized Lighting for Better Presentation:

Different products look better in different lights, we understand this. Our lighting products can be customized in color and intensity (lumens) to suit your environment and products, optimizing your display. Whether you have a specific spectrum you'd like to achieve, or need us to help develop a custom color, we are here to optimize your lighting needs.

To set up a consultation for your project, please contact us through the form on the right and we will set up a free consultation to get started!

For this type of retrofit,LifeSpec Suggests the following:

"OK FINE! I'll admit going LED makes sense, what's next?"

Lucky for you, you're at the right place!

There are two ways LifeSpec can help you go LED:

1.Browse our products and roll up your sleeves, remember to consult an electrician for non-plug and play products.

While retrofitting traditional lights to LED lighting is not necessarily difficult, it is our duty to discourage customers with no electrical experience from trying this at home. Please consult an electrician before ripping down any fixtures!

2.Contact us for a custom project analysis where we will help outfit your project and even throw in an electrician for the final retrofit!

Come on, ask us anything!

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