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Hotels and Property Managers focus in on LED technology

A strong segment of the early adopters of LED lighting has been property managers, hotel management and building landlords. The ability to adapt to new technology which instantly increases the lifespan on lighting products while decreasing monthly energy costs for the property is a powerful value proposition.

Payback Period

Typically, the decision to upgrade from traditional lighting to LED hinges around whether the initial cost of installation is worth the energy savings. For lighting fixtures which are not consistently being utilized, the premium cost of an LED bulb may not be justified for the energy gains. However, the common advantages of LED lighting (longevity and energy savings) are magnified when used in situations where external costs are calculated, such as by property managers and building landlords. The rule for LED lighting is that the more you use them, the more they pay you back!

Saving & Advantages

Many property managers are now recommending transitioning to LED lighting because not having to constantly send services calls out to change light bulbs plus the added efficiency means significant cost savings every month. Additionally, the added ability for lighting controls provided by LED lighting means that lights can be operated in low mode, providing the most efficient application of light for the time of day or situation.

Another major advantage for property owners considering retrofit is the ability to eliminate mercury in their properties, providing a safer environment for their occupants. For large organisations, the transition out of florescent lighting means less time spent dealing with properly disposing of burned out and broken fluorescent tubes.


While it's true to note that LED products currently cost several times more than traditional lighting products, the price per lumen continues to steadily decline. In 2010 and 2011, the price per lumen dropped 50% as a result of continued development in the LED sector.

If you would like more information about how to adopt LED lighting in your property, we can provide you with more information!

For this type of retrofit,LifeSpec Suggests the following:

"OK FINE! I'll admit going LED makes sense, what's next?"

Lucky for you, you're at the right place!

There are two ways LifeSpec can help you go LED:

1.Browse our products and roll up your sleeves, remember to consult an electrician for non-plug and play products.

While retrofitting traditional lights to LED lighting is not necessarily difficult, it is our duty to discourage customers with no electrical experience from trying this at home. Please consult an electrician before ripping down any fixtures!

2.Contact us for a custom project analysis where we will help outfit your project and even throw in an electrician for the final retrofit!

Come on, ask us anything!

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