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  • Residential LED Lighting:

    Savvy home-owners and interior designers are transitioning to LEDs for not only the energy savings, but also for the advanced functions and colors. Learn more about residential LED lighting ideas and products.

  • Office LED Retrofit:

    Business owners are opting for LED lighting to save energy costs and remove hazardous materials such as mercury from office environments. Learn how LED lighting offers a clean and efficient work space.

  • LED Display Lighting

    Bright, efficient lighting with maximum clarity influence shoppers to spend more time and money in retail establishments. LED display lighting creates efficient, extremely bright yet cool environments for shoppers. Learn more!

  • Supermarket and Warehouse:

    Supermarkets and warehouse owners LOVE LED lights because of the immediate energy savings from their fixed lighting costs. Decrease your lighting costs instantly, we can help!

  • Hotels and Building Management:

    Imagine not having to send maintenance workers to swap out a light bulb for 10+ years! Hotels and property managers are flocking to LEDs, learn why!

  • Exterior Lighting:

    LED products are much more durable than traditional outdoor lighting products and can create sophisticated outdoor ambient lighting. Spotlights, under water lights, and wall washes open endless design possibilities for your outdoor space!

LED Retrofit - What is it?

In recent years, there's been no innovation in the lighting sector as exciting as the introduction of LED applications in commercial and residential lighting. The buzz behind LED lighting is due to the extreme efficiency that LED light bulbs are able produce and the longevity that they are able to achieve. Property owners have been extremely excited about the development of LED lighting because they are able to utilize the new technology to achieve significantly lower their energy costs, cut down on replacement bulb costs, and reduce the presence of hazardous gasses such as mercury in their respective environments.

Energy conscious businesses are quickly turning on to the benefits of LED retrofit, here's why. Retrofitting traditional lighting fixtures harnesses the key properties that make LEDs unique.

Benefits of Switching to LED Lighting

For more information on how to minimize your energy costs while maximizing performance, please contact us for a consultation.