Mon-Fri,830 am -5pm PST

  • Ninjas live a simple, focused life dedicated to their craft - NINJA-ing!

    We only focus on ONE mission, to retrofit your lights to LEDs! We vow to chop your energy spend into pieces, and protect your energy bill.

  • Ninjas go about their business in the most efficient manner possible.

    Our E-commerce business model and unique in-house electricians decreases overhead costs, leading to the most affordable LED retrofit experience available.

  • Ninjas are masters of camouflage, and disappear into the night.

    We don't hold regular business hours like other electricians. We will work under the cover of night to ensure that your regular business hours are not disturbed.

*disclaimer: The facts about Ninjas presented in this LifeSpec Lighting informational artivcle may or may not be accurate. We scoured the lands (see "Google") for the most comprehensive infomation (see "clicked on first paid listing") about Ninjas. We are not actually Ninjas.