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The Lifespec LED Retrofit Advantage

LED lighting products come in two varieties,plug and play and retrofit required. Most LED lighting products can be used directly out of the box, but some will need technical experience in order to retrofit the lighting fixture to ensure safe operation. Here's a little about the difference of the two types of LED Products, and how LifeSpec Lighting's LED retrofit package can tackle the largest of your retrofit projects!

LifeSpec LED Retrofit:

Owners and property managers that have a large scale LED retrofit project will love LifeSpec's exclusive retrofit program. Because of our efficient e-commerce structure and in-house product development, LifeSpec was created to be quicker, faster and cheaper than our competition.

The lifeSpec LED Retrofit experience includes:

The full LifeSpec LED Retrofit experience gives you more value for your money than local eletricians. Retrofit project clients will receive a bulk discount on lighting products, as well as the most efficient pricing on your retrofit. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy your new LED ligthing setup!

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